Model No. 5

​Serial No. 522-5-649


ID No. G-002​



​Table Dimensions:

Grinding Wheel Size:

Work Speeds:

Spindle Speed:

​Cross Feed Rate:

​Headstock Taper:

​Overall Dimensions:

​Pump System Dimensions:


Wheel Spindle Electrics: 

Headstock Electrics:

​Coolant Pump Electrics:

Brown & Sharpe 3"x18" Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Model. 5

3" x 18"​​

2" x 14"

​202/319/505/800 RPM

​1740 RPM

0.00025" - 0.0045" IPM

​No. 7

68" x 55" x 62"H

38" x 16" x 32"

​  3000 Ibs

​3HP 220/60/3




Wheel Slide Rapid Travel Arrangement

Independent Automatic Cross Feed Arrangement

Spark Timing

Variable Speed Headstock

​Pump System

Coolant Pump

Coolant Tank

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